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There are all kinds of volunteer roles in Kids' Club...whether you want to work directly with kids or behind the scenes.
Music Video: Do Like You Do
Check out this song about obeying God!
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Baptism for Kids
A brief guide to help you understand baptism and figure out whether or not your kid’s ready for it.
God's Story: Daniel
Daniel worked for several kings of Babylon. But he obeyed God, even when that meant disobeying the king. You can read his whole story in the book of Daniel in the Bible.
Kids' Club Special Needs
If you have a kid with special needs, check this out.
Kids' Club
Want a chance to serve on an amazing (and growing) team? We'd love for you to check out Kids' Club.

God’s Story: Gideon

When God rescued his family from a nation called Midian, he did it through a guy named Gideon. At
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Daily Talk Starters: August 20-21

Get conversations going with your kids.
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KC Weekend Experience: August 20-21

Every weekend, kids hear God’s story in language they can understand.
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God’s Story: Wilderness

The Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years on their way from Egypt to the Promised Land.
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